Handmade Fair: Sizzix Workshop

In my last blog I spoke about my visit to the Handmade Fair.  One of the great things about the show is that not only can you purchase tickets for workshops, there are lots of free ones available too. These workshops tend to be sponsored and promoting a particular product, but that can mean there's an opportunity to try something new. As myself and the friends I was with can all knit and crochet,  we decided to opt for a workshop that was a bit different.

We joined the Sizzix dreamcatcher wall decoration workshop which was promoting the Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine.  The machine works with any Sizzix die or embossing folder up to 9" wide.  It is a roller machine and it can cut or emboss lots of different materials.


sizzix workshop 1


We were given a brown envelope of goodies: pretty paper, string, backing card and coloured card.


sizzix workshop 2


The machine works by sandwiching cutters or die with your card or paper between two thick plastic sheets which get rolled through the machine (as in the first photo). There's a crank handle on the side of the machine to feed the 'sandwich' through. First we covered the backing card with paper and cut the flag shape.


sizzix workshop 3



Then the smaller pieces were cut using the die templates they had provided.


sizzix workshop 5


Next came the messy bit! Glue and double sided sticky pads were used to fix everything in place. There was also a bit of bling available to sparkle up our dream catcher wall decoration.


sizzix workshop 6


It was a good workshop and hats off to the lady running it - controlling 20 people on a practical workshop was quite a feat! The machines work well and if you're a regular papercrafter it could save you time over hand cutting shapes. Obviously, if you're wanting to create a wide range of shapes, then you'll have to build up a collection of die templates.


sizzix workshop 8

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