Crochet Bouquet – Arrangement

So, to the final part of putting together your crochet bouquet... the arrangement! This is the point at which it is worth treating yourself to a bunch of flowers at the florists so you can watch how they arrange a fresh flower bouquet. 

The arrangement is really just a bit of trial and error. For my wedding bouquet I spent a lot of time playing around with different arrangements - for the second one, I found it came together in the first couple of goes. Maybe because I was a little less worried about making it perfect! For both bouquets I used plain medium sized flowers as my base and then added the bigger flowers of different colours.




When I had finally finished with the arrangements I secured the stems in the middle with florist tape.  This is the point at which you can tidy the ends of the stems up and cut them straight. 




If you've used florist tape you will need to cover the bouquet handle as it will be sticky! For my bridal bouquet I followed this YouTube tutorial - the section on how to do make the ribbon handle is between 5 minutes and 7 minutes, but the whole tutorial is quite a good guide for a wire bouquet. I pinned my ribbon in place, but the tutorial uses hot glue.  For my second bouquet I just covered over the centre area as it will be a display bouquet.





And that's it! You have your crochet bouquet.





I also used a selection of crochet flowers to create buttonholes. Rather than adding a wire stem, I decided to use a safety pin and made them like badges. 




I'd love to see some of your creations - let me know how you get on!

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