A beautiful May evening…

May has arrived and the bank holiday weekend has passed in a flash.  Although it is chilly outside, the hints that summer is on its way can be seen all about. As I sat at home this evening pondering which knitting project to pick up I could hear the birds singing outside. The sky was clear, so I decided it was too nice an evening to stay in, picked up my camera and went for a walk. I am lucky enough to live close to Dinton Pastures, which is an area of lakes which makes you forget you live in a busy town.  I also timed my walk well, it was the 'magic hour' sometimes known as the 'golden hour'.  This is the period of time shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the light is softer and redder and it has a wonderful effect on photos. 

Over this weekend I had been doing some spring cleaning and found my notes from a photography course that I took at the V&A museum a couple of years ago.  During the course we had been given a list of topics to use to focus our photography:

  • texture
  • shadow
  • movement
  • life
  • in context


So with the sun slowly setting and my camera in hand, I decided this list would be a great way to focus my shots.  Here are my favourites from the selection I took.









I hadn't noticed until after I looked at the images on my computer that I had captures a stick which replicated the shape of the heron in the second image.



In Context


A few more…

The colours were so magnificent that I decided to include a few of my other shots that I couldn't shoehorn in to the categories! All of these photos were taken between 19:45 hours and 20:45 hours. The second image I had to play with in photoshop - the light wasn't quite good enough pick out the squirrel. Especially as he was doing a great job of imitating the branch!







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