Knitting Loom

If you've always liked the idea of knitting, but can't get your head around knitting and purling, this could be the craft for you! Whilst in Hebden Bridge (West Yorkshire) earlier this year I came across a straight knitting loom made by Classic Knit.  I'd not seen one before and always curious about a new knitting technique, I purchased it.  Then, it sat gathering dust for six months until I finally dug it out again.  What a treat it was to discover! It's so simple to get started and if you're using chunky wool, the results are very quick.  With the straight loom you can either use the full length, or just part of it, and it's ideal for making blankets or scarves.

You get the loom, a yarn needle and loom pick in the set. To get started, anchor the wool around the end peg and then work a figure of eight weave between the pegs, working left to right, right to left and down the loom.  It sounds complicated, but it's not - the loom comes with instructions but I've also done a short video to help you get started.  You then work back to the top of the loom continuing the figure of eight weave. Once you've done the second round, you take the loom pick and hook the bottom yarn wound around each peg over the top yarn and off the peg towards the middle.  If you did French Knitting at school, it's exactly the same technique.  You weave another row of the figure of eight weave and repeat hooking the lower row over the upper row. Continue until you create the length you are after.

Like I say, it sounds complicated but it's not and the results are beautiful! You could try experimenting with different weights of yarn to see how the weave of the knit varies.


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