5 Shawls, 5 Days – 5 Things I Learnt

This week I took part in the Aroha Knits 5 Shawls, 5 Days challenge. Each day of the challenge at 1pm (UTC) I received an email.  This email contained instructions for how to knit a shawl shape, every day a different shape.  The purpose of this challenge is to demystify the construction and shaping of shawls so you can design your own. Challenges like this are brilliant for not only reinforcing skills you already have but giving you confidence to stretch yourself and develop them. Here’s what I learnt from this challenge.


Closely related to RTFP (read the flippin’ pattern) – LATFP: look at the flippin’ picture is a lesson in the obvious.  It also goes hand in hand with, if it’s not quite working there might be a reason. I haven’t made many shawls but I realised this week (and rather embarrassingly) I’ve been blocking them all wrong.  This was my big light bulb moment of the week.

2. Knitting Maths

I was one of those geeks who loved maths in school. Discovering the mathematical pattern in the Pi shawl made me very happy. I’d forgotten how much I love maths and how it fits with knitting.

3. I know more than I realise

LATFP aside, while some of the shapes were more challenging than others, they were all built on things I already knew. However…

4. There is so much more to learn

I have been knitting for nearly 30 years (eek!), but I feel like I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. The more I learn, the more I discover I don’t know!

5. Thirst to Create

The more I find out about knitting construction, the more I’d like to create my own patterns. This challenge has given me more confidence that I could do this – I just need to take the leap!

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