What I learnt in 2016

Just over a year ago I enrolled on my City and Guilds in Hand Knit Textiles with Fiona Morris. It has been a year of discovery for me, not just from the course, but from joining my local knit group – the Outcasts.  I thought I’d jot down some of the knitting things I learned in 2016. Some of you may look at my list and say ‘well yes, that’s obvious’ – for others of you it may be a lightbulb moment to research and discover more. For me, it’s been fun to discover how little I did know about knitting considering it’s a skill I’ve had for over 20 years!


You don’t have to follow the pattern – you can change it.

This will be obvious to some people, but I was taught to follow patterns and I had never thought about how I could adapt them to make something I would prefer.  I’ve also noticed that designers are beginning to incorporate modifications in to their patterns and guide you through how you can make changes.


You don’t have to have a pattern – you can make it up.

If you know the basic shapes of the garment or item you want to make, you can design a pattern yourself.


There’s more than one way to cast on and cast off.

In fact, there are over 50 cast on and cast (bind) off methods. Most of us only use the main method we were taught.


I knew more than I thought!

Some of the new techniques I learnt this year weren’t new at all, I had just never had a name for them.


I’m looking forward to discovering more in 2017.  What did you discover in 2016?

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