Ravellenic Winter Games 2018

The Winter Olympics 2018 have arrived and with it starts the Ravellenic Winter Games*. Organised on Ravelry, it is a fun challenge set up to run alongside the Winter Olympic Games. For those who haven’t come across Ravelry before, it is an online forum for knitters, crocheters, designers, weavers and dyers. You can keep track of your yarn, they have tools to help you as you craft, project and pattern information and it is a place to look for ideas and inspiration.

I’ll be entering two challenges this year with the lovely Team Outcasts: Sweater Skeleton and WIP Dancing.

For the Sweater Skeleton I’ll be making the Tristan cardigan by Mer Almagro (pattern available on Ravelry) and for the WIP Dancing, my work in progress will be the Solja Sweater by Anna Maltz (also available on Ravelry). For the Sweater Skeleton, you have to start and finish the project while the Winter Olympics are in progress. The WIP Dancing is a project you have already started which you plan to finish during the games.

I love challenges like this, it really spurs me on to get projects moving. What sort of challenges do you like to do to get your craft moving?


* Ravellenic Games is not an official event of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games and is independently organised by Ravelry volunteer mod teams.

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