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Sometimes when you're planning a Christmas party or meal, it's hard to find Christmas Crackers that fit the bill. However, if you make your own you can match colours and personalise them for your guests. I recently went to a networking event where the lovely Jo Hall of Phoenix Cards showed us how to make our own Christmas Crackers.  She kindly said I could share the details so you too can make your own!


Take two layers of tissue paper and fold a 1cm seam down one side.  I was using metallic tissue paper, which is a little thicker than normal tissue paper, so I only used one layer.

make your own Christmas crackers

Cut four short lengths of double sided tape. Place three evenly along the folded edge of the tissue paper. Place one in the centre of the toilet roll.

make your own Christmas crackers

This is a good point to put your cracker snap in. Put a short length of double sided tape either side of the 'snap' and then insert it in to the toilet roll. Fix to the inside of the toilet roll making sure you have an even length either side.


Place the toilet roll in the centre of the paper and gently roll so the tissue paper covers it forming a tube. Try not to wrinkle the tissue paper or create bubbles in it.


You may need to borrow a pair of hands for this next bit! Pull together the tissue paper at one end and tie with approx. 15cm of twine or metallic ribbon. 

make your own crackers

Before you tie the other end, pop a chocolate or small gift inside the toilet roll tube. You can even add your own joke, personalised for the people you plan to share the cracker with. Short of joke ideas? Why not try these.

Tie the other end and trim the tie to the length you want it.

make your own crackers

Now to add the finishing touches. Take a paper chain or a length of ribbon. Fold over one end to leave a neat edge. Wrap the paper chain around the Christmas cracker middle. The folded edge should be at the top and if possible, try to match the Christmas cracker join with the the paper chain join.

make your own Christmas crackers


make your own Christmas crackers

There's lots of scope to personalise these crackers to suit you and your guests. You can personalise the gifts, the colours, the jokes and the decoration.

Make your own Christmas crackers


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