Crafters’ Christmas Gift List

Crafters' Christmas Gift List

December has arrived and Christmas is creeping fast upon us. I’ve had an incredibly busy 2017: growing a business and a human have diverted my attentions from the Marvellous Makes blog. What better way to revive the blog than by compiling a Christmas gift list for crafty people! I have spoken to a few of the lovely crafters I know and here’s their (and my) suggestions for the Crafters’ Christmas gift list.

The Generalist

‘Making Winter’ by Emma Mitchell

This creative survival guide is a warm hug in a book. There are a range of projects and recipes to create and most makers will find at least one to tickle their fancy.

Pretty Scissors

This may be a generalisation but crafters tend to love pretty things, like these beautiful scissors from Hattie Boo Designs. There are lots of other kinds available on Etsy to suit different types of craft.


The Knitter

Skein Earrings

These cute skein earrings from Owl About the Yarn are the perfect stocking filler for a knitter. They are offered as standard earrings or clip-on.

Maker’s Keep

The Maker’s Keep by Cocoknits is a fab little gadget. It would also be good for the sewing or crochet crafter in your life (or anyone who has a hobby that involves small metal items).  Not only does it have a magnet to keep your notions to hand, the bracelet has metric and imperial measuring lines.

Knitting Outside the Box by Bristol Ivy – Gift Set

A beautiful book and yarn, what more could a knitter ask for? If you want to treat the knitter in your lift, the Knitting Outside the Box gift set is a little more of a gift splurge.


The Crocheter

The Useful Hook

Many crochet patterns require a 4mm crochet hook and the avid crocheter will probably leave a hook with each project they’re working on. Like knitters, crocheters have a penchant for having multiple projects on the go, so spare 4mm hooks are a handy tool.  A soft touch 4mm hook is a great stocking filler for the crochet lover in your life.

Soft Touch Crochet Hook Gift Set

If you’d like to treat the crocheter in your life, rather than one hook, why not splash out on the whole set!

Tunisian Crochet

For the seasoned crocheter they might like to extend their skills. Why not find a local Tunisian crochet class? For a little something to give them on the day, equip them with this handy Tunisian crochet hook.


The Paper Crafter

Pretty Paper

There are some beautiful craft papers available to suit all tastes like this Pick ‘n’ Mix pad.


Not as violent as they sound! You can get a wide variety of punches that create different patterns and images. Like this Butterfly Silhouette Punch.


The Sewer

Simflex Sewing Gauge

For the gadget loving sewer the SimFlex sewing gauge is a great Christmas gift.

Daylight Lamp

For the practical sewer a daylight lamp is a must to help illuminate their late night sewing sessions!

Sewing School

If you want to blow the budget and help grow the skills of the sewing enthusiast in your life, a class at the School of Sewing might be just the ticket.


There are so many beautiful gift options for the crafter in your life. If you’re not sure whether they need more tools or gadgets, then something handmade from a local artist or maker might be right up their street.

Are you a crafter hoping for something lovely for Christmas? What’s on your Christmas gift list?

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