Monsters by a little Monster

Last week, I spent some time at my mum's which meant I was also able to spend some time with my six-year old niece, Elise. She loves making things and a has a box full of craft materials.  We decided to do something a little different. I asked her to draw me some monsters, which she did.


I then asked Elise to choose her favourite one.  It turned out to be the little pink one, apparently an ice cream monster! As she'd drawn it so tiny, I asked her to draw it again a little bigger. Then, we went and raided her craft stash!

We found a kitchen roll tube, glue, colouring pens and some pom-poms. Perfect for creating an ice cream monster! We also found some wool so we could make the monster's whiskers.


Elise was a little excited and wanted it to be ready right away, but it needed to dry over night so everything stayed in place. Once the glue was all dry, we drew on a face. He makes a rather splendid ice cream monster, don't you think?


This is such a simple and easy project to do with your own little monster on the bank holiday weekend.  You could use all sorts of materials to create the monster - wool, fabrics, paper, card... whatever you have to hand.  I'd love to see what creations your little monsters make!


PS - I have since discovered this particularly monster was not straight out of my niece's imagination but a 'Shopkin monster'!! Still a great project though. 🙂

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