Pom Poms: Old Skool or New Fangled?

There is something beautifully nostalgic about making pom poms.  They are a reminder of childhood play, are easy to make and don't need complicated materials.  I recently had a lovely crafternoon with friends and one of the makes on our list was pom poms.  We didn't really have a pom pom purpose - we'd just spoken about them a few times recently. In my craft  stash I have a plastic pom pom maker which is produced by Pony, so I thought I'd do a little comparison of old skool cereal box pom poms versus new fangled plastic pom pom maker. 

pom-pom 2

pom-pom 6

Old Skool


  • Cheap! You can make the template from any kind of cardboard, posh or not. A great way is with old cereal boxes.


  • You can make whatever size you like. If you can draw the circle, you can use it to make a pom pom.


  • The card template is a little more flexible than the plastic ones, so it can be a little easier to pull the yarn or thread through the middle.  Especially as you get towards the end of the 


  • It's easier when cutting the pom pom to slide the scissors between the two bits of card.



  • Depending on the thickness of the cardboard, sometimes it is difficult to pull the card off without ripping or cutting.

New Fangled


  • Sturdy and durable, you can make many a pom pom with these templates.


  • Cost effective - one purchase and many makes.


  • Good for a consistent pom pom.



  • Restricted to the sizes they come in.


  • Can be little difficult to get the scissors in between the plastic discs when cutting the pom pom.

There's not much in it really - old skool pips new fangled to the post by a whisker. However, in reality, both are great for making marvellous pom poms.


Want some more pom pom ideas?


  • How about a 60-second giant pom pom? Handmade Charlotte has a tutorial here.


  • You could make some super cute animal pom poms. Take a look at Mr Printables' blog here.


  • Perhaps a few pom pom flowers? Click here for ideas from Everything Etsy blog. They have displayed theirs in a yarn wrapped bottle. If you fancy making your own, take a look at my tutorial from last year on making a jar in to a vase.


pom-pom 1

pom-pom 5

pom-pom 3

pom-pom 4

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