Hoppy Mother’s Day!

It's Mother's Day on Sunday 6 March - a celebration of mothers, motherhood and the influence that mothers have on the lives of their children and society.   Seeing as it's a leap year, here's a simple little frog card for little (and big!) kids to make for their mum's.  Little kids will need supervision!



PVA glue and spreader

4 x black buttons (frog eyes)

1 x yellow button (centre of lily)

blue card (I used a holographic one or you could use a square of 

plain card or a pre-folded card

green card (or foam sheet)

kitchen roll tube

2 x toilet roll tubes

green paint

white paint

yellow paint

black marker pen

pair of scissors


1. If you're using plain card fold it to the size you want. Then take your blue card or foil and glue it to the side that will be the front.  My blue card was a bit too big for the folded card so I had to trim it to size once the glue was dry.





2.  Use a small bowl to draw a circle on the green card.  You'll need to leave a wedge for the lily leaf shape, but that doesn't need to be exact.  Once you're happy with it, cut out the leaf and stick it to the blue card.






3. Take the kitchen roll and cut straight down the length of the tube. Then paint it on both sides with white paint.




4. While the paint dries on the kitchen roll tube, paint the two toilet rolls green.



I needed to paint the toilet roll tubes twice to get a stronger green colour. You may also need to leave them and the kitchen roll tube a couple of hours for the paint to dry properly.  


5. Once they're all dry, you can cut the petals for your flower. Cut the kitchen roll tube in half down the long side. Then cut one of those halves in half again.



6. The leaves are made by cutting two small petals and three large petals from the strips you have created. You'll cut the larger petals from the half of the tube and the smaller petals from the quarter, cutting them about an inch wide and the height of the shorter side (there will be cardboard left over).  Then shape the petals rounding the ends and narrowing the middle.  When put together, the curve of the kitchen roll makes the petal ends sit up and creates your flower shape.






7. Dab a small amount of yellow paint in to the middle of each petal.



8. Once the yellow paint has dried you can glue the petals in place on to the leaf and add your centre button.




Leave the flower to dry while you create your frogs!


9.  Gently squash the toilet roll tube, this will help later if you want to put them in an envelope with the card.  Then draw the outline of the frogs, including their feet. Make one bigger than the other (mother and child).  Carefully cut around the shape.  When you're happy, glue the eyes in to place and add the mouth and nose holes with a marker pen.




Once the glue has dried your frogs are ready sit on your lily pad!


All that's left to do is add a little message to your card and it's ready for sending. You can adapt the message for different occasions to make an unfrogettable card! 


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